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April 25, 2017 – Huntington Beach, California – American Sportswear Designer, Jonathan Oe, announced his expansion plans for his men’s Athletic Luxury line, Leomicci. In just 6 short months, Leomicci men’s tights and compression wear is already worn by NBA and NFL athletes, as well as professional boxers and mixed martial arts fighters. And Jonathan’s signature Leomicci cotton Muscle Tees are becoming the “must have” item by movie industry stars and musicians.

“We’ve been blessed that Leomicci has been embraced by our celebrity athlete and entertainer clients. Our locally made, luxury level quality and service has really resonated with an American male audience that wants premium quality apparel that gives them that edge. Our materials are amazing, and my designs help create traditional, masculine body lines. We believe in empowering men to be their best, by making them look and feel amazing.”

So what does “LEOMICCI” mean? “The name “LEOMICCI” is a blend of my love for Italian and Japanese cultures. “LEO” is Roman for Lion. “MICCI” is Japanese for Path. Our logo is a shield containing our beautiful Dreaming Lion floating above the Disappearing Path. The Dreaming Lion represents a Man’s deepest aspirations. The Disappearing Path is symbolic of our Journey, and the impermanence of Life. It’s about finding your own unique way in life, and discovering meaning in the journey”

“The Leomicci collection will take men to a different place. The foundational Bodywear pieces scupt and provide structure to build your movements from. The luxurious warm up suits bring heightened elegance to an item we want to wear everyday. And our mercerized Cotton Muscle Tees pair ideally with jeans, leather jackets and boots – bringing us into the world of Men’s traditional clothing. Leomicci is a line made in the USA, for the modern American Man.”

Leomicci will be opening it’s first showroom in Huntington Beach, California, adjacent to their Production Studio, where all design and production takes place. The scheduled opening date is June 1, 2017.