It starts with foundational pieces in our Ultimate Mens Tights and Compression Shirts. It continues into our luxury Running and Travel Suits. And it transitions into mainstream fashion through our amazing mercerized cotton Leomicci Muscle Tees. The more pieces I add to the line, the more excited our fans are becoming. It’s just an awsome feeling to know that we are bringing positive change to men’s lives in a real way.”

They provide the structural foundation for each movement athletes make. Through superior materials, design, and our in-house American made workmanship, we achieve an excellence that major retail brands cannot achieve. Los Angeles Lakers Larry Nance, Jr., D’Angelo Russell, and undefeated professional boxer, Malcolm McAllister rock our Tights.

Our tapered line of V-neck Men’s Compression Shirts pair ferfectly with our Tights. The V-neck opens the the throat area for greater comfort and easier air intake. The Leomicci Compression Shirt line comes in long sleeve, short sleeve, and sleeveless versions, in a variety of colors. LA Clipeers Chris Paul and Raymond Felton have both worn custom versions of our compression shirts.

The Leomicci Palisade Running Suit is the most comfortable piece of clothing you will own. It has a silky smooth texture, that stretches and moves with your body. The Palisade Zip Hoodie features our flat black double zipper and inside lapel pockets for your cel phone and credit cards. The tapered fit brings out your athletic physique.

From here, we move away from sports performance into a product I made for myself – our Leomicci Muscle Tee. It is made from a mercerized cotton fabric I helped develop which we import in from Europe. We shape it into tapered muscle cut tees that help give men that v-cut masculine look we want. I’ve had many guys put it on and tell me that they look like they dropped 20 pounds! It pairs with jeans and leather jackets, unstructured sport coats, shorts and warm-up suits. Unlike the odor laden dri-whatever fabrics guys are recently buying, the Leomicci cotton is natural, and helps keep you smelling fresh into the day and evening.