Huntington Beach, California – More and more, I keep noticing people wearing this beautiful metallic silver “LEOMICCI” logo on their warm up suits and gear. So we tracked down Leomicci designer and CEO, Jonathan Oe, to find out what’s going on. “Ya it’s been amazing. We only started making Leomicci, right here in Huntington Beach, just 6 months ago, and we have this amazing group of people that are rockin’ our gear! The whole project started when I made tights for Los Angeles Laker, Larry Nance, Jr. Then star point guard, D’Angelo Russell ordered them. Word got out and then I met with LA Clippers point guard Raymond Felton to make him custom compression shirts. Then I met Chris Paul, and he ordered product and wore in his come back game against San Antonio. Then it just began to snowball. We started to meet new NFL players that were going through intense training, preparing for their NFL combine and private Team workouts. They needed our incredible tights so they could train intensely while reducing the risk of injury, and speed recovery. This new group of NFL star athletes included wide receiver John Ross, star linemen Zach Banner and Chad Wheeler, running back Jeremy McNichols, and former UCLA linebacker Jayon Brown, who became our first model. Tim Vizzi, another wide receiver standout, also modeled for us.

Then I met Pro Boxer Malcolm McAllister. Malcolm trains and spars in Leomicci tights and compression gear, runs late in the evening in the Palisade Track Suit – and demanded that we put our logo as big as possible on everything we could – of course it made me so happy! He fought on national TV rocking our logo and just made us so proud as he extended his pro record to 9 – 0 with 8 knockouts. And now our brand is spreading like wildfire into the boxing and MMA areas. Two huge ambassadors and experts in their fields, former Olympian boxer, pro champion, and star trainer David Imosieri and famous MMA Fight Doctor and reality TV star Doc Kessler are now rocking our Leomicci Compression Gear and Running Suits.

For a long time I’ve liked to wear tight cotton t-shirts with my leather jackets, jeans, and boots, or with linen sports coats, linen pants, and loafers (NO socks, of course!). It’s part of my personal style. But I just couldn’t find any that fit the way I wanted them to. So I told myself – “f— it! I’ll just make them myself! So I developed a beautiful 100% mercerized cotton fabric that stretches like spandex but, because it’s a natural fiber, never has that terrible synthetic dri-thing technology terrible odor. I shaped my new material into tapered muscle cut, v-neck t-shirts that made me feel ruscular through the arms and chest, then tapered down, helping give me that cool masculine look we work out like crazy to achieve (I actually rarely make it to the gym – but try). When I started making the Leomicci Muscle Tee for myself, musicians and entertainers fell in love with them and wanted them too! It started with Thomas Ian Nicholas, star of American Pie and Rookie of the Year, whom I met when he was performing with his rock band at the Viper Club in West Hollywood. I gave him one of my tees and he LOVED it! He began telling his friends about it and began to snowball. Guitar player Sean McNabb told me, “Man, it makes me feel ripped, and like I’ve lost 20 pounds!” Other new friends rocking the Muscle Tee include Red Power Ranger, Jason Faunt, and Rap artist, Rob Harris, LA Kings enforcer, Kyle Clifford, Great White and XYZ lead singer Terry Ilous, AC/DC Drummer Chris Slade, Former NBA Greats and current Clipper Coaches Sam Cassell and Dee Brown. Other new Leomicci clients include former Dallas Cowboy, Dolce and Gabanna model, and action star, Dave Dawson and newest Laker sensation David Nwaba.”

Made in America? Absolutely. Leomicci is leading the way for Athletic Luxury for the American Man.