jonathan oe mens athletic luxury


May 1, 2017 – Huntington Beach, California – It’s hard to catch Jonathan Oe these days. He’s a blur – rushing from directing photo shoots all over Southern California, meeting and tailoring garments for professional athletes, or lovingly cutting patterns for his latest creations – he’s always on the move. This time for his new clothing line for men, Leomicci.

“Ya – I was one of those A.D.D. type of kids – never sitting still, with my hands in everything. If I was born in a later generation, they would have put me on drugs to make me mellow out… (he laughs out loud). And I haven’t changed a bit!”

“My career in the clothing industry began in the women’s leotard business for Gilda Marx Industries – the world leader at that time. I created a new division for them in Japan. I just loved that industry – it was about reshaping a woman’s soul with spandex. When aerobics died, I was convinced that the future of the clothing industry was going to be in vertically integrated companies – ones that could design, manufacture, and sell clothing direct to the consumer – they would be the power players. So I bought a small cut and sew factory that specialized in making sports uniforms. That business, called Tiernan Athletic, made the original Los Angeles Laker uniforms for Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, and Wilt Chamberlain. It also made the uniforms for the Los Angeles Dodgers, as well as for many other teams in collegiate and high school sports. But by 2001 it was going out of business – it was still doing lettering and alterations for the Lakers – but not much else. I took over that business and had to rebuild it. I taught myself how to design and make patterns for football, baseball and basketball uniforms. And I turned out to be a very talented pattern maker. I just had an innate ability to understand an emotion or feeling I wanted the user to experience, and convey that through the clothing I created.

My career has taken me from my hometown of Venice, California, to the streets of Tokyo, to being a part of 5 Laker championships, to changing girls softball through my body enhancing designs and custom clothing. Now from my Studio in Huntington Beach, California, we are laying the ground work to change the way men look and feel about themselves. And that is happening through my new men’s line, Leomicci.”

“The name “LEOMICCI” is a blend of my love for Italian and Japanese cultures. “LEO” is Roman for Lion. “MICCI” is Japanese for Path. So it means, Path of the Lion. Our logo is a shield containing our beautiful Dreaming Lion floating above the Disappearing Path. The Dreaming Lion represents a Man’s deepest aspirations. The Disappearing Path is symbolic of our Journey, and the impermanence of Life. It’s about finding our path in life, and discovering meaning in our journey”

The Leomicci collection will take men to a different place. The foundational Bodywear pieces scupt and support. The luxurious warm up suits bring heightened elegance to an item we want to wear everyday. And our mercerized Cotton Muscle Tees pair ideally with jeans, leather jackets and boots – bringing us into the world of Men’s traditional clothing. Leomicci is line made in the USA, for the modern American Man.”

Jonathan may be just a blur, but he is totally focussed.