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Huntington Beach, California – April 24, 2017 – Newest Los Angeles Laker, David Nwaba, stopped by the Leomicci studio in Huntington Beach, California, to visit with Jonathan Oe, CEO. Jonathan gave David a tour and custom fit him in the new Leomicci Palisade Track Suit and Muscle Tee. “David and I had a great time over lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, overlooking the pier and Catalina. I just love David’s style of play. He makes the Lakers a better team with his hard working defense, basketball IQ, and his unselfish nature. He went to University High School and I went to Venice High School – ARCH RIVALS!! But that’s OK – I still like Dave! But seriously, I just really respect David. He recently graduated from CalPoly University of San Luis Obispo with a Sociology degree. He loves basketball – not the lifestyle and limelight – but the art of the game, and just getting deeper and deeper into becoming a better player, and learning how to better help his team. He’s the kind of guy that makes a team successful.”

David Nwaba the model? Look for his debut in Leomicci. To be continued…