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Excerpt from Legendary Rock Interviews Q: What prompted you to fire XYZ back up again and reform the band? You’re doing some high profile festivals like M3 and you’re going to be on the Monsters of Rock Cruise to the Bahamas.

A: I don’t know. I just love what I do. I do it because I love it, I feel it and it’s real. I thought maybe I’d do some of those things as Terry from XYZ but I started going back and watching all the old videos and live shows and realized that I love those guys. Our band isn’t like a lot of bands where there’s a lot of infighting it was and is a pleasure to play with those guys and we really appreciate our fans and our relationship with the fans. I called Patt Fontaine (bassist) and I asked him “Look, here’s the deal, we are being offered a great deal of money to play a 45 minute set at Rocklahoma, are you in?. He thought about it and called me back and said yes. We had a blast and it’s continued from there. We have a new album’s worth of songs completely finished and ready to go. It’s just a matter of finding the time. I’m on the road and very busy with Great White and the other guys all have their lives and everything. To answer your questiuon, we’re doing it because we love it and we miss it and we miss our fans. These acoustic gigs are really special to me. We’re doing one of those on the Monsters Cruise and it’s great to me because it’s just SO real. It’s our voice, two guitars and a tamborine. It’s us and our songs and we pour our souls into it. I sing every gig, every night as if it’s my last performance, I said that to Mark Kendall the other night before a Great White gig. You never know, anything could happen and it could be so I just put every ounce of effort into it. We don’t cheat ourselves or the fans that love us. We are so lucky to be able to do what we want to do for a living. You know the feeling of coming home to your kids and them just pouring their love on you when you walk in the door whether youve had a good or bad day? That’s how I feel about the time I get onstage. I love getting in front of the crowd and feeling their response, whether it’s in XYZ or in GREAT WHITE. To be able to see these people sing every word to all these songs and see the smiles on their faces is phenomenal. I talked to Jack and he said something about how he was glad I was doing a good job and I told him thank you but it’s the fact that these songs are great songs they’ve written. A singer can go onstage with all the technique in the world and talent and if it’s not real and the songs aren’t great it won’t matter. It’s an honor to be doing these songs, Jack did an amazing job, he’s a great singer and I’ve always been a fan of his performance because he connected with the fans, they felt it and above all he had feeling.

Q: At the end of the day what do you want people to remember about you or our band XYZ?

A: Just the same thing that I’m talking about with Great White….that we’re real. We feel the songs we’re doing and the audience feels them because we put every ounce of our being into them. So many things in this American Idol era are NOT real. So many things are done for fame or for money or for the wrong reasons. I’d like for people to remember my performances and songs as honest and real.

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