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Mens Compression Calf Tight with Silver LEOMICCI Logo


Professional athletes and those who train at high levels require a different structure and support that conventional retail tights do not provide.  LEOMICCI Compression Tights are sold direct to NBA and NFL Teams and Clients.  This exclusive business model allows us to produce our Compression Wear in small batches in the USA, using the highest grade materials, manufactured by our own highly skilled craftspeople.

Our patterns and materials create structure for your legs and hips.  This structure mirrors the fascia that surrounds your muscles and tendons, helping keep everything where it belongs through your full range of motion.  Amazingly comfortable and breathable, Leomicci tights are backed by our 6 month warranty.  Available in a full range of colors, choose to experience the elevated confidence and performance of Leomicci Compression Tights.

Signature Material: 88% Microfiber Polyester / 12% Spandex blend

MADE IN THE USA at Leomicci Studio in Huntington Beach, California

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